Sales Management Solutions

Once you have set up or are managing a successful and growing company, it reaches a point where you're unable to keep running it and overseeing sales at the same time. You then need to acquire a professional sales team to keep pace with ongoing business growth. I can help you establish a selling machine with topnotch staff to take your company to the level you desire. Head on over to Impact Sales Solutions to book an appointment with an experienced Houston sales consultant!

Employee Mentoring and Coaching

I mentor and train sales reps to bring their skill set and attitude to the level required for optimum productivity. Personalized coaching addresses any challenges that individual team players may be facing to ensure that everyone is reading from the same page.

Sales Management

As a sales consultant, I design selling systems, analyze outcomes against Key Performance Metrics (KPIs), establish sales structure discipline and accountability, and make strategic decisions for your sales department.

Business Development

I'll be responsible for crafting sales strategies to drive business and revenue growth. I'll add much-needed impetus to customer prospecting, customer relationships, and lead generation/management. I'll also develop channel and direct-sales models on your behalf.

Sales Processes

We'll discover your best practices and turns them into a proven and repeatable sales process. Once your process is fully implemented, you can continue with Impact Sales to help you manage the process or turn it over to one of your own people. 

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Why Choose Impact Sales?

There's undoubtedly something you're doing right, or even better than your competitors, and that's why you're currently enjoying remarkable business success. But customer tastes and preferences are constantly evolving. Marketing technology has become more advanced than your in-house team can handle. Although you're counting on new markets and more effective customer acquisition strategies to drive growth, sales has got tough lately—you can't manage it on your own anymore. It's time to engage an experienced sales consultant for help growing your company to the next level of success. Here's where Impact Sales Solutions comes in!

What I Do

At Impact Sales Solutions, I offer outsourced sales management executive services to small businesses whose owners want to focus more on core competencies without sacrificing growth. A 2018 CBInsights survey unearthed unimpressive statistics for why some small companies fail at some point. Most of the reasons for failure had something to do with poor sales and marketing strategies as outlined below:

  • 23% did not have the right team
  • 17% created a product without an appropriate business model
  • 17% delivered an unfriendly product
  • 14% failed because of poor marketing
  • 14% ignored customers
  • 13% launched a product at the wrong time

For sure, a business will fail when it's longer able to meet its customers' interests, and this is part of what I fix at Impact Sales.

When you engage me, I join your company on a part-time outsourced basis. For starters, I set up a competent sales team tailored to your specific business goals and circumstances. I also build an efficient sales structure that your in-house reps can leverage under my mentorship to achieve preset growth objectives.

oustsourced sales staff for construction

How I Do It

I employ a multi-pronged strategy to breathe life into your sales department and help grow your business.

I'm taking charge of your sales department so you can focus on what you do best as the founder or CEO of a successful company— innovating and running the business. I'm not only passionate about helping you do this, but I'm also bringing a wealth of practical corporate experience to the table. For over 20 years, I've successfully applied to my own companies as well as to corporate America the business growth and development principles that I'm proposing now.

I'll provide excellent sales leadership in your organization based on practices and personal attributes such as:

  • Leading from the front and by example, to inspire confidence in others in the sales team
  • Versatility to align sales strategies with market/customer dynamics and business circumstances
  • Devising goal-oriented plans and campaigns
  • Humility to serve
  • Passionate about sales mentorship